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Remote healing: How is it possible?

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

Holos Healing, le soin à distance : comment ça marche?

Even if more and more alternative and energetic therapies are slowly starting to be integrated into the collective consciousness, there are still many questions left without answers when it comes to the complexity of some healing processes. Remote healing is part of those remaining concerns which often can make one fear, hesitate or at least doubt the authenticity of a therapy.

How is it possible to be healed if you are there and I am here? On what grounds is this all founded? And how can I make sure that it works?

These legitimate questions, and more importantly the answers, are essential when we decide to start or carry on an alternative journey towards healing. Not only does it anchor the work more deeply, and we will see why later, but this also gives us the opportunity to develop our consciousness and our understanding of ourselves and our environment.

To help us answer those questions, we need to understand a few fundamentals about our energetic structure, thanks to quantum physics.


Physic teaches us that space is indeed the one thing that connects us all. Space is present between atoms, cells, our bodies and the environment, all the way to planets and galaxies. The atomic structure is made of 99,9999… % of space. Everything that we define as "material" is in fact essentially made of emptiness at 0,000001%.

Many physicists such as Nassim Haramein have taken an interest in this so-called "empty" part of space rather than the "physical" element.

While focusing on this empty component, they realised that a constant exchange of information between the emptiness’s structure and the overall atomic structure of the universe is present. In other words, we constantly are exchanging information on a very small scale (through the electrons) between our structure and our environment at the speed of light.

This exchange of information, relayed by the "emptiness" could be the organising agent which makes up the complexity of our world, even on a biological level. The emptiness is in fact not empty, as we would define it, but rather full of energy.

An energy that connects absolutely everything. Everything is One.

By being conscious that everything is connected, we can already recognise that distance is only a conceptual idea created by the human mind, separated from reality at large and even inexistent at the quantum scale.

Moreover, quantum therapy confirms that everything that moves, from voluminous objects to the smallest atomic particles, creates torsion waves in the ether.

At the physical level, these torsion waves, or torsion field is of a "holographic" nature. In other words, this torsion field is the mirror of our physical body, showing all our organs, tissues, etc… as well as our chakras, meridians, nadis, etc…

Thanks to this torsion field, a practitioner can connect his/her own field to his/her patient's. Once again, distance is not important here as the torsion fields are non-local. The same process applies, as we exchange information between our structure and our environment, the torsion waves move without obstacles almost instantaneously from one point in space to another.

Thereby, we realise that remote healing is not in fact less efficient than in person, as the information freely circulates, at very high speed, from point A to point B.

"What we believe to be possible defines what we are capable of creating" - Nassim Haramein

When we are conscious that we are not, in reality, separated neither from one another nor our environment, we can transcend these space and time notions and so, expand our field of consciousness.

This gives us also the opportunity on a physical scale to connect ourselves to our energy field with more ease and to deeper integrate an energetic healing treatment.

I often emphasise to my patients that as a therapist I only am an "information channel", but the real work is done individually. It is not my body that heals you but indeed, it is yours. It is not my psyche that frees you from your troubles but indeed, it is yours that receives a piece of information at a given time and let go of another.

This is an important realisation during a healing journey, whether it is being done remotely or in person.

Consequently, you do not hold on to your limiting belief systems anymore but you let yourself get carried by your own capabilities and by your Being, in all its complexity and greatness, connected to the Whole.

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