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Quentin Nagyos Energeticien Vierzon


Energy Therapist

Certified practitioner in Quantum Therapy, Magnetism & Reiki Usui 

You will find here a summary of the methods I use

- Quantum Therapy -

Therapie Quantique Holos Healing

Quantum Therapy involves the human body field. The human body field is a structured and complex network of interpenetrating fields in the physical body, which underlies all aspects of physiology, and which controls the information that travels to the various subsidiary fields or centres of the body. This network consists of a hierarchy of fields on the inside as well as on the outside to make the Whole.


Quantum therapy makes it possible to target cell particles and send them information structures to correct their erroneous code (by reinforming the particles of which they are made up and restoring the body-mind-soul unity) through energetic interactions and the biophotons which govern our cellular metabolism. 

Biophotons (from the Greek βιο (bio) meaning “life” and φωτο (photon) meaning “light”) regulate the transfer of energy and information between different parts of the body.

They are the means of communication between DNA and cells as well as from cells themselves and creates a form of coherent energy if a person's health allows them to.

This form of energy creates an electromagnetic wave that moves through the ether at speeds several times faster than the speed of light (also known as a torsion wave or subtle energy field).

As they are not in phase, the non-coherent biophotons partially cancel each other, thereby reducing the quantity of light which facilitates issues.


Everything that moves, from large objects to very small atomic particles, creates torsion waves in the ether. The nature of this torsion field is “holographic”, a mirror of the physical body, revealing all the organs, tissues etc… but also the chakras, meridians and nadis.

Thanks to this torsion field, it is possible for me to connect my own field to yours, and using different techniques, to rehabilitate the coherence of your subtle energy field.

Distance is not important here as the torsion fields are non-local. The torsion waves move easily and almost instantaneously through physical matter, from one point in space to another.

- Magnetism -

Known and used since antiquity, magnetism is one of the oldest methods of healing.

Magnetism makes it possible to rebalance the energy structure (rebalance energy centres, energy circulation, alignment of subtle bodies, anchoring, etc.) to restore energy to a part of the body or organ and to activate self-healing faculties.

With or without direct physical contact, I feel the blocks or where the energy is lacking and regulate these flows .

Magnetisme Holos Healing

In 1950, Professor Desrobert spoke of magnetism as “ A physical agent of a particular kind, a life source for organs and cells. It can be transferred to those who are sick through a magnetism therapist who has profusion. The power passing through his fingers and his hands penetrate in the organism of the patient just like penetrates the electric current, the X-rays, the radiations of light and the ultrasounds ”.


Placing the hands on an individual to relieve his pain has always been the first instinct of man. This practice is present all around the world under different names. In the West, we speak of magnetism, while we speak of QI or Chi in Asia.


Magnetism is effective on a number of health issues. It is very effective on:

Skin conditions: eczema, psoriasis, warts, shingles, acne and herpes can be reduced or stopped by magnetism

Burns: it relieves the pain and enables rapid healing. Magnetism is also very effective on the after-effects of radiotherapy.

Pain in the back, muscles and tendons, as well as pain caused by hernias, sciatica - Magnetism releases tension in the body and enables it to heal. 

Physical or nervous fatigue, depression, anxieties. Magnetism will restore and boost energy levels. It helps clear the mind of negative thought processes. This will allow the body to rejuvenate itself, make thoughts lighter and flow more easily.

- Usui Reiki -

Reiki Usui Holos Healing

Dr Mikao Usui was, among other things, a Japanese Buddhist monk, who discovered and developed Reiki in 1922.

The symbol " Rei " means "spirit which is not qualitatively defined" or even


Its modern meaning can be translated as "secret sense" or "hidden force".

Ki ” is considered to be the general term used for all energies of life. This is the Japanese version of the Chinese term Chi.

In the famous Chinese text by Chuang-Tzu's "True Scripture of Southern Florescence" written around the 4th century BCE, it was said of Chi "Life consists of one force (Chi). When Chi is used up, life ends. It is the breath which animates all life".

With the development of other similar healing methods, but of different vibrational levels and with different effects, it has become clear that there now exists series of energetic practices that might be considered Reiki.

With this in mind, how is it possible to say whether it is a Reiki technique or not? From studies and analysis of the Reiki imparted by Dr Usui, four unique properties have been identified that establish the group of healing methods rightly called Reiki. These four characteristics can be defined as follows:

  1. The ability to use Reiki comes from teachings and is not the result of a long period of meditation or the practice of exercises.

  2. All Reiki techniques are part of a lineage, beginning with the first person to channel the technique: Reiki is passed on from teacher to student through an initiation process.

  3. Reiki does not require the mind to guide the energy. It is guided by a higher power that knows which vibration and which vibratory combination is needed and how it must act.

  4. Reiki has no harmful effect.

Usui did not want Reiki to be a practice reserved exclusively for a group, nor for it to be controlled or limited in any way. Rather, he believed that Reiki should be available to everyone and be spread around the world.

He considered Reiki to be a way for all of us to experience the Divine. Thus, he believed that human beings would be more inclined to work together to create a better world. 


"I had the most phenomenal session with Quentin. He laid out the parameters of the appointment quite clearly. When we had our after session Zoom chat, he gave me a beautifully detailed description of what he found in all my chakras, what I need to work on and change, and where I have grown since my previous session with him.  

I feel so much calmer and focused since my session.  

My inner vision is stronger and purer. I'm more grounded and am sleeping better.

I can sincerely say that Quentin is a true healer in every sense of the word.

I honour his wisdom, insight, integrity and guidance.

I am profoundly grateful to be under his care.

Thank you Quentin!

Carol L.

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