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Quentin Nagyos Énergéticien
Quentin Nagyos Énergeticien


Energy Therapist

Certified practitioner in Quantum Therapy, Magnetism & Reiki Usui 

Whether you wish to start or carry on a more general and deeper inner work or simply focus on a particular ailment, I welcome you into my practice in person or remotely by video conference.

Whichever your need is, I intend to liberate you from your spiritual, emotional and/or physical troubles, to help you regain your inner balance.

My methods will allow you to:

  • Identify, highlight and cleanse energy blocks in order to help you heal 

  • Realign your energetic bodies and centres to recover your equilibrium

  • Revive your self-healing power on a physical, emotional or mental level

  • Become aware of your thought forms and the roots of your discomforts (physical, emotional or mental) whether past or present


When the body's energy is disturbed or runs out, whether gradually (repetitive thoughts, relationship problems ...) or suddenly (significant stress, emotional shock ...), problems can arise and ailments set in. These types of disorders do not occur by chance, there is often a reason and are bearers of meanings. 


My work will enable you to restore the balance of your entire energetic structure. Via all your energetic bodies and centres, I act on one or more of the emotional and/or physical problems that you particularly want me to help you address.

Each person being unique, I don't follow one set procedure. Indeed, my approach is much more intuitive and I use different methods, both with and without physical contact, to give you the best result.

My practice is an exchange. Once finished, we take the necessary time to discuss the healing in detail. This stage is important, it allows you to anchor the energies you have received and, via the assessment, gives you full awareness of what lies in your subconscious and your energetic structure.

My aim being, giving you all the necessary keys to help you re-activate your inner powers so that you can fully be conscious of them as you continue on your life path.

To find out more about my methods, click here

Soin Énergétique Quentin Nagyos


"I had the most phenomenal session with Quentin. He laid out the parameters of the appointment quite clearly. When we had our after session Zoom chat, he gave me a beautifully detailed description of what he found in all my chakras, what I need to work on and change, and where I have grown since my previous session with him.  

I feel so much calmer and focused since my session.  

My inner vision is stronger and purer. I'm more grounded and am sleeping better.

I can sincerely say that Quentin is a true healer in every sense of the word.

I honour his wisdom, insight, integrity and guidance.

I am profoundly grateful to be under his care.

Thank you Quentin!

Carol L.

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