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Energy Therapist.... What is it?

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Photons Énergies

When we type on Google: "Energy therapist what is it" this is what appears on the first page of our search engine:

"An energy therapist uses gentle pressure or places hands in or through your energy fields to change, move or unblock the energy flow in your body. Sometimes they touch you or they may move their hands just above your body."

In other words we could define that an energy therapist specialises in using non invasive methods, as opposed to allopathic ones, utilizing an individual's natural ressources from its organism to reharmonise his/her being and relieve or heal his/her ailments.

(Note that any energetic therapies is not opposed to allopathic treatments. To the contrary, it can be used complementarily and as a support)

It is important here to define "natural ressources from its organism".

These ressources which I am referring to, or energies, are an integral part of each and everyone of us. We are talking about energy centres or chakras, energy field, energy bodies, aura, meridians, Chi, etc... All of these definitions, coming from the 4 corners of our planet, bring us to the same conclusion. Our being is indeed made of forces, vibrations and frequencies as part of our composition defined as "physical", invisible to the naked eye and yet very real nonetheless.

The term "energy therapist" has developped itself with the evolution of ancient practices (such as Reiki) in our occidental cultures, bringing together technics based on the body's energy and having results beyond the cartesian's comprehension.

So coming back to what is an energy therapist nowadays...

It is firstly important to mention that an energy therapist is not a superhuman made of superpowers.

We all have, to my mind, the potential to become our own energy therapists.

The difference then is, perhaps, that an energy therapist will currently have another understanding of what a human being is made of.

A human being is whole, intrinsically connected between its body, its mind, its consciousness, its emotions, its experiences, its social and family situation and its environnment at large.

Thus, to the same extent that our brain accumulates our experiences that we later call memories, every parts that makes us us (mind-body-soul) gather more subtle information, or energetic signatures, in coherence with the experience encountered by our brain.

Even though other factors should be included in this process such as genetics and ancestry we will focus here on a more simplified form.

An energy therapist should then possess a vision more whole and more coherent in relation to our physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual structure. A vision called "holistic"



  1. PHILOSOPHY characterized by the belief that the parts of something are intimately interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole.

    • MEDICINE characterized by the treatment of the whole person, taking into account mental and social factors, rather than just the symptoms of a disease.

Based on this more comprehensive understanding and through a more active listening, an energy therapist should be able to use the technics he/she will have learned and/or developped to find and reharmonize or sometimes extract these sutble informations or energetic signatures, directly related to the problem, on each "layer" that makes us whole.

By detecting and extracting these energies we could call "erroneous", the body, mind and soul reestablish their natural mecanisms and can once again strive and find their harmonious unity.

Libération et Harmonie intèrieure

In this way, not only the mind-body-soul connection is reestablished but the patient can genuinely become conscious of the informations initially stored.

This unconscious - conscious processus is, to my mind, very important in order to profoundly clear what does not serve us as well as anchoring what we are made of within.

Undoubtedly, an energy therapist's work will not be complete and manifest optimum results without the patient's keen willingness and intentional desire to initiate this process. It is important to restore the connection to our consciousness and to renew our confidence in our own abilities to evolve, to heal and to fulfill our individual journey.

We all have the capacity to free ourselves from our ailments, from our repressed emotions and from our difficulties to navigate in this world. It is up to us to start this path to find our inner freedom.

An energy therapist is no more, no less than a tool to assist in this journey towards harmony, inner peace and well-being.


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