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Time is Healing.

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Le temps c'est de la guérison
Source: Pinterest

Besides the fact that we all are part of this giant sea of human beings, beyond the evidence that we are all made of the same chemical and biological components and that we all are taking part in life and death’s infinite cycle (on a physical plane), we can also be sure that every single person who takes a breath on this planet will go through a time of healing.

Whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual, the quest for the total disappearance of our symptoms is an integrated part of our survival instinct. Rightly so, according to human nature, in order to function correctly, we must be at the top of our health.

But, in our societies where everything seems to go faster and faster, made of diverse industries offering "fast", "without engagement" or "automated" solutions, where does our well-being sit? When everything is accessible right away, how does it translate into our consciences? What value do we give to the healing process?


From Stress to Happiness documentaire
photo "From Stress to Happiness" source: FilmFreeway

I recently watched a documentary entitled From Stress to Happiness ». Alejandro de Grazia, a filmmaker, is overwhelmed by his life, causing him stress and anxiety. He decides to leave on a quest for inner peace.

Surrounded and helped by Matthieu Ricard, French author, humanitarian and Buddhist monk, also called « the happiest man on the planet », Alejandro learns, primarily through various meditations, how to reconnect himself to his emotions and how to better manage them.

At the end of the documentary, Alejandro shares his feelings. Something has changed in him.

He was able to achieve a sense of calm and well-being. However, having been immersed in an ideal location throughout his journey that could favour these sensations, he shared with Matthieu Ricard his concern about how long it would last. How could he carry with him those peaceful emotions when he would be back in a noisy environment filled with distractions?

It is at this moment that Matthieu Ricard shares with him, for a final time, his words of wisdom and says:

"If it’s too easy, it means there is no chance, real change is like training. Training for new skills. Real change comes with time, effort. Time doesn’t mean it has to be tedious. It can be very joyful"

These words resonate deeply with me. Not only because of my own experience but also because of what I wish to convey through my practice to my clients.

None or a very small number of people become musicians, engineers or physicists overnight. There are no professional athletes who do not train intensely every day.

It is equally true when it comes to healing. True healing takes time. Because the search for well-being is only a result of the cause of unease. If we were experiencing well-being we wouldn’t look for it. Therefore, we cannot heal, literally speaking, without having put the process into action.

It is the journey towards healing.

Le chemin de guérison
Illustration du chemin de guérison. Source: Pinterest

It is on this journey that we get to observe ourselves, turn ourselves around, and become aware of our triggers, knowing what we want, or no longer want.

It is that same journey that makes us evolve by learning from our mistakes.

It makes us more resilient, allowing us to tap into and draw upon our deepest resources.

It is in fact that exact process that we could define as healing.

Certainly, this requires some self-discipline and a real willingness. The journey toward healing cannot always be joyful, but it is this amplitude of emotions that makes us human and allows us to know what we are made of.

Why continue to be afraid of what we are feeling? Afraid of ourselves?

What are we concerned about finding out?

If we were able to go through the challenges that brought us the need for healing, why couldn’t we also have the resources to free ourselves from them completely?


There has never been a miraculous solution and I doubt there ever will be. Because when we are able to become aware of our power over ourselves, we realise that everything is simply part of a grand experience we call Life.

And I will leave you with this:

Healing, true inner peace, isn’t an achievement that we can add to our curriculum.

It is a living presence, a choice, a step toward oneself while being conscious that it is already present within us, right now. At every moment, it can lead us to the highest version of ourselves.

For no one, or nothing can give us inner peace. Slowly, we awaken it within. With time.


Quentin Nagyos - Certified practitioner in Magnetism, Quantum therapy & Reiki Usui

Link to "From Stress to Happiness" trailer


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